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The San Diego Comic-Con '99

These are the pics we took at the San Diego Comic-Con '99, the biggest comic convention in the world!!! We didn't even know that the convention was on that week but Thank God we had the luck to be there at the right time and place!!! As you'll see in the pics we had lots of fun!!!


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This is the San Diego Convention Center where the Comic-Con was held.




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That's Lorna and Me with the World's Finest Superheroes, Superman and Batman!!! This beautiful Alex Ross painting was at the DC Comics' Booth and it looks so real you'd swear that they were actually there!!!





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That's me on the right (of course!!) with everyone's favorite X-man, Wolverine!!! This pic was taken at the Marvel Comics' Booth





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Once again Lorna and me at the entrance of the DC Comics' Booth.  We spent a lot of time (and pics) here due to the fact that DC is the BEST comics publisher in the world!!!!!!





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