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My trip to Mexico


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Even though this was the smallest of all the clubs we went to, this is where we had the most fun. It's called "El Carajo" (which is actually a spanish "bad word"), and this place rocks!! they have a band called "Iguana" that plays covers of almost every single spanish rock and pop group to near perfection and a DJ.  Everybody here danced 'til they droped.  I really loved this place!





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Again at "El Carajo".  From left to right:  Me, Pili, Rafy, Joito, Samuel and Lorna.   All of them except me are medicine students there.





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Me, Lorna and her friend Eloisa. Also at "El Carajo".






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Once again at "El Carajo" :  Me (with the beautiful smile), Jose Luis and Pili.




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