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My trip to Mexico

On the week of August 10th to the 15th me and my girlfriend Lorna went on a trip to Ensendada, B.C., Mexico; where she's studying medicine.  We went to San Diego first and then drove thru Tijuana and finally to Ensenada.  We had a lot of fun and here are the pictures to prove it!!!

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This pic was taken at "Papas & Beer" one of the many cool discoteques in Ensenada.  Every month they make a "Birthday Party" for all the people who have their birthday on that month, this was August's party!






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This is one of the coolest places we went to. It's a Restaurant/Bar called "Oxidos".   Everything here is decorated in kind of a rusty metal motif, which figures since the name means "Rust".  They had a band playing a lot of Beatles songs and the food was pretty good too!!!






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That's us again at the bar in "Oxidos"






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That's me on the outside of "Oxidos", which is right beside the "Papas & Beer"




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