menudo (circa 1986)

From left to right:

Charlie Masso, Ricky Martin, Raymond Acevedo, Sergio Gonzalez, Robi Rosa


Menudo was a Puertorrican teenage group that revolutionized pop music in the 80's (spawning lots of copycat groups like "New Edition" And "New Kids On The Block"). The rule of Menudo was that when you reach a certain age, you had to leave the group. This helped keep the group as a "teenage group" since its members were always teenagers. The group started in 1977 and it still exists today, though recently they changed their name to MDO, to make the group fresh for the nineties.

Though the new group is not the amazing phenomenon that it was before; now, 15 years after the group best years, Menudomania has struck again. Six of the most popular ex-Menudos have reunited in "15 Anos Despues... El Reencuentro" and gone on a tour all over America, reviving all the nostalgia in their old fans with a wave of Menudo Stuff like some of the old Vinyl Albums re-released in CD and getting the attention of everybody with six sold out concerts here in Puerto Rico and a live album from the concert.

In the picture above is the group circa 1986. At the time of this picture they were promoting their album "Refrescante". Mostly all of the members of this incarnation of "Menudo" still are in the show business:

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Menudo was and is a great group and we Puertorricans are proud of them. I'm working on a page all about them, since I think there isn't anything about them in the web, if you are a Menudo fan, and think you can help me make this page or if you have a Menudo page, please e-mail me at Keep checking this pages for future information.