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This are my favorite links.  The places I visit all the time. Enjoy!

Friend's Pages

No explanation needed here, these are the homepages of my friends!
La Página de Lorna La Página de Buzo
Mega Boss' Page Mega Express

Movies, Comics and Videogames

Here you'll find official comic book and magazine sites, fan sites, videogame cheats and FAQ's, emulators, etc.
DC Comics Marvel Comics Wizard
Star Wars The Force.Net Sega
Nintendo Sony Game FAQ´s
Emulation Excitement Cheat Code Central Zelda Headquarters


Here you'll find sites on some of my favorite bands, guitar tabs, etc.
ATAME Renegade OLGA MTV  Online Guns N´Roses - We Ain't Dead Yet
Green Day Robi Draco Rosa Marilyn Manson ¨Weird Al¨ Yankovic
Molotov Menudo Online La Secta The Beatles Online
Kiss Online Kiss Tabs Led Zeppelin

Internet Stuff

E-mail, Web Stores, Puerto Rico Paging system, free homepages, shareware, guestbooks, web  browsers and other great web essentials.

Yahoo! Geocities Tripod
Xoom Fortune City - V3-URL
NONAGS Delphi Forums The JavaScript Source
Guestworld Nedstat Web
Microsoft Netscape Mirabilis ICQ

Puerto Rico links

These are links related to my country, Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico Government Partido Popular Democratico
Partido Nuevo Progresista Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño
Welcome to Puerto Rico Universidad de Puerto Rico
Universidad Politécnica de Puerto Rico La Mega Estación
El Nuevo Dia Interactivo